What Do You Get From Implementing SOA?

What is SOA?

SOA, an abbreviation of Service Oriented Architecture is a structure that allows services to communicate with each other across different platforms and languages. It is a strategy used to construct business focused, software systems from loosely connected inter-operable building blocks (called Services).  SOA has been around for many years, however, the implementation of SOA is rather complex and success rate are not compelling enough for Azure certification.

Here are few benefits of implementing SOA

Cost Reduction
SOA helps business to lower down the cost by allowing maximum re-use of existing IT investment and assets regardless of the environment they run in or technology that were build upon. Leveraging on older systems and application would also save organization the extra cost to obtain a new system entirely.

Business Agility
While software and services are deemed reusable, and business process are exposed as services, this would allow organizations to be more agile as they are able to attend to other matters to meet customers demand. Employee would not hang onto the development of new software and services which would consume a lot of time.

Easy to Use System
By reducing integration development and complexity, the infrastructure of the system is less complicated than before. This would help organizations to avoid ripping and replacing new parts of the system as it requires Azure training.

With such complexity on the implementation of SOA, Oracle has aided in developing a pragmatic holistic approach in order to help customers successfully adopt SOA and realize measurable business benefits.

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