Role of Nanotechnologies in digital world

Nanotechnology is much powerful and advanced in it its use. Most of us, even today, don’t know the actual Role of Nanotechnologies in the digital world. Fabrication of devices with immensely diverse capabilities within a range of 100 nanometers isn’t a child’s play. It requires the purest skill, and expertise to make such a strong tool. The importance of nanotechnology can be evaluated by the fact that if it is used in a positive manner, it can change the face of this world. Problems of humanity like lack of drinking water, treatment of fatal, incurable diseases, or lack of houses, the list continues. However, if used with a negative approach, nanotechnology has the ability to invent smaller yet stronger weapons that can wipe off a significant part of this world. The idea itself is chilling enough!

In the present age, nanotechnology remains a game-changer in the technology industry, yet also is in the research phase for future use. If the right algorithms develop in the future, Role of Nanotechnologies in the digital world can give the futuristic humanoid and other robots an ability to see and even feel. Buildings with self-cleaning properties, clothes that change color will also come into Oracle 18g courses.

How nanotechnologies are changing the face of this world?

Nanobots that can cure diseases:

Nanobots are a revolutionary change in the medical field. Robots that are capable of performing microscopic, cellular surgeries, and even patrol the human body to eliminate any disease. Such nanorobots can even repair the damaged brain cells. As Robert Freitas, a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Manufacturing, describes. Ingestion of Pills with molecular instructions embed onto them, will help such nanobots to generate neurons which will replace Oracle 18g database courses.

See-through Display Screens through Nanotube Ink:

Carbon-nanotubes ink, developed by Linde Electronics, used for displays, sensors and other electronics can make the roll-up screen of a smartphone and a GPS display embed onto the whole windshield a reality. Just like we see in movies!

Faster, and more powerful Computers through AGI:

With nanotechnology, we can develop much faster computers. Computers with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that consume very less amount of energy, yet their processing power is unimaginable. Such computers possess a major application in industries for faster calculations and control of robots as well as in household use.

Reduced Manufacturing costs of Industries:

Nanotechnology is also efficient enough to cut down the production costs for a lot of industries. Especially in the automobile industry. Imagine a car whose body consists of carbon fibers, has better fuel efficiency with the control of airborne particles, and noncorrosive machinery made through nanocomposite materials. In short, cars that are much stronger, lighter, faster, and made from nano factories rather than material that require mining, processing, and whatnot.

It can be said that the time is near when, through Role of Nanotechnologies in the digital world, we would see robots with the ability to see, feel, and react, cars made from carbon fibers that might even fly and medical marvels that can cure the incurable, right in front of our eyes. The whole concept of technology and how it works would change!

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