It is often said that after some years, we will be living in the world with robots, drones, and autonomous cars as standard as humans. Robots have become the most critical aspect in which scientists and researchers are working nowadays. But the question that arises is if these are useful or dangerous for us!

You will get to know the answer to this question and many other things about the revolution of the robotics and what the future holds in this field.


In recent years, several robots are being generated to act like humans by using tools and doing specific tasks just like them; these robots are known as humanoids. It was designed after the disaster of the nuclear plant in Japan to develop the suffering areas. It was passed through many tests, including driving, walking in steeps, climbing, and using tools, blockchain training.

After that, many humanoids were designed, including the current in South Korea being the most lightweight, having the exceptional quality of kneeling, and moving quickly. It declared Southern Korea as the leading power in the term of robotics. 


The evolution of the robots started as engineers were motivated to replicate the beauty of nature. The first replication that was created was of a cheetah, having most of the qualities of a cheetah, including jumping on the obstacles and running faster. After then, the scientists worked more and more to refine it for some years, until they thought to teach blockchain courses.


Another biologically designed inspiration was soft robotics, which has become a new standard. In these designs, soft tissues of the animals are imitated to performed fragile tasks, particularly to reach some inaccessible areas where robust robots can not go.

It consists of soft and flexible materials so that it can be stretched, bent, or flexes to carry out several tasks, including crawling through minor spaces in destructed areas and grabbing objects deeper in holes.

One of the primary advantages of these robots in that it is cheap, and a large number of such robots are used to perform a combined task.


One thing that has motivated the robot developers, from the beginning of the development of robots, is the insects. Nowadays, because of the development of new materials, the insects being designed are of high resemblance having the same size. One of the best designs developed in this area is the cockroaches and dragonflies by macrobiotic students

The primary purposes of designing such robots to pass through the challenging region including dense sand, vegetation, or gravel out of human reaches, such as dilapidated buildings.


The extreme boundary to be reached by both robots and humans is to explore the space. This field has under significant development as the exploration of the solar system. Even now, many of the robots are currently investigating the land of Mars. Many robots have been designed to explore different parts of space, which was not somehow possible by a human. It has unique cameras that can record every essential detail giving quality reports to its sender.

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