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With the rapid advancement seen in the world of applications and software, the need of molding current software has become crucial for smooth flow of work.  In situations where the usual software fails to meet the operational requirements of dedicated hardware, Oracle Virtual Machine installed on the existing software. Oracle virtual machine has the nature of the application environment or an operating system which is designed to imitate the dedicated software. It means that once you have installed Oracle VM on your software, you will be able to enjoy the exact experience as you would enjoy on dedicated hardware.

What is Oracle VM?

Oracle VM is a Virtual box which is designed to perform powerful cross-platform Virtualization features. The term cross-platform means that you can easily install it on Linux, Solaris x86, Windows or Mac OS X computers. Similarly, from Virtualization software, it means no matter the type of your computer, you can run and create various Virtual machines for running different operating systems at the same time. In simple words, it means that by using Oracle VM, you can run Linux on Mac OSX or you can run your Solaris and Linux on your Windows PC. The combinations extend with the extension of computer software types and so on.

Oracle VM is specially designed to enhance efficiency and optimize performance on your software devices. Oracle VM offers not only Hypervisor-based solutions but also virtualization which can build into the hardware and other Oracle Operating systems. By doing so, Oracle VM offers you an optimized and comprehensive virtualization solution to deliver the most optimized cross-platform services.

Why do you need Oracle VM?

Installing Oracle VM can offer you some cross-platform virtualization benefits. You can enjoy all the perks of dedicated hardware without any software restrictions. Apart from optimization of specialized hardware services, Oracle VM features the following benefits:

Simple installation:

Out of the many selling points of Oracle VM, compact design and simple installation are the major selling points. Since this VM comes in the form of a small and compact Virtual Box, you can quickly place it in the smallest of places. Everything that you need for a robust and streamlined performance of virtualization solutions is all laid out very precisely within the solid walls of this powerful machine.

Ease of use:

Despite its small size, Oracle VM offers you a tremendous deal of ease of use. The problem with most of the Virtual boxes which can see in today’s IT world is that they are not only bulky but also very complicated to use. Contrary to the complex VMs, Oracle VM is profoundly accessible to use. It features easy-to-follow and straightforward step wizard for a hassle-free VM creation. You can easily export as well as import appliances by making use of the highly user-friendly and advanced .ova format. Since Oracle VM offers you collective supporting of VMs, you can quickly stop or start solutions desires operations for an entire group simultaneously. The networking, creation of shared folders, virtual management, and guest addition are some other features which are made more comfortable by Oracle VM.

Enjoy all the OS perks on one machine:

Oracle VM makes the use of dedicated hardware a breezy task. With the use of Oracle VM, you can easily enjoy the perks of different operating systems without any restrictions related to computer types. Because of this feature, the performance and implementation of critical organizational tasks are made more comfortable. You can perform jobs such as development, demonstration, testing and deployment of various applications, solutions, and software by using only one target machine.

Powerful features:

Since Oracle VM features the latest Intel Hardware and AMD support, it allows you to execute tasks at a faster rate. You can make use of the uniquely designed chip-level virtualization support. Oracle VM lets you run over 32 vCPUs during one operational period. Moreover, it offers you a wide range of virtual storage controllers and a virtual disk which has Synchronous Input and Output. Oracle VM has many user-friendly features as well. You can make use of the 3D graphics, visual acceleration, remote display, serial connections and USB, ACPI support, evident audio and Page Fusion- the latest page sharing methodology.

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