What is a Network Attached Storage?

Network Attached Storage, also known as NAS, is a data storage server connected to a computer network that provides access to data to a heterogeneous client group. Network Attached Storage is specialized by configuration, software, and hardware to serve files. It is often produced as a computer appliance – a specialized purpose-built computer.

Network Attached Storage systems are networked devices containing one or more than one storage drives that are often arranged in redundant, logical storage and RAID containers. Network Attached Storage removes the responsibility for file serving on the network from blockchain training.

Network Attached Storage versus Direct Attached Storage

By using RAID or clustering, both Direct Attached Storage and Network Attached Storage can potentially increase data stability, but both have some differences:

  • Direct Attached Storage is simply an extension to an existing server and is not necessarily connected to it. On the other hand, Network Attached Storage is designed to be a self-contained and simple solution for network file sharing.
  • When Network Attached Storage’s use is compared with local Direct Attached Storage’s use, it is observed that the former’s performance depends primarily on congestion and blockchain courses.
  • When both storages are served over the internet, the NAS could have a much better performance than the DAS because the network Attached Storage device can be precisely tuned to serve a file that is less likely to happen on the server responsible for the other processing.
  • As a general-purpose sever applied with Direct Attached Storage, Network Attached Storage is generally not as hardware (storage components, memory, CPU) or software (plug-ins, extensions, additional protocols) customizable.

Benefits of using Network Attached Storage

  • Network Attached Storage adds additional storage space to local computers, thus making it easier to free up space for the data-hungry users. The best part is that you can increase the size of your network Attached Storage, all you need to do is to attach additional hard drives.
  • Network Attached Storage makes collaboration easier by allowing all users to access documents at a central location and gives them the ability to group edit documents in a manner similar to the Office 365 or Google Docs.
  • Most of the Network Attached Storage devices have software options that enable you to set up remote access so you can access your documents and files anywhere in the world. In other words, Network Attached Storage gives you your own personal cloud storage.
  • Backing up your data is extremely important. You can set up automatic data backups by using Network Attached Storage that can mirror any changes made on the computer locally. This change can be reflected immediately on the Network Attached Storage as soon as a change is made to a document or a folder. You can use the NAS RAID setup if you need even more reassurance that your data is secured reliably.


NAS devices are easy to setup and use and have many advantages, and they are as cheap as buying hard drives.

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