Machine learning progress in 2017


To understand the actual scenario of technology and how is it invading the world, consider yourself back in the early twentieth century. It was probably an era of humans breathing its last. Since then, the technology has gradually progressed and conquered the entire universe. So much so, the human beings taken hostage but the machines. You can’t even depend on your mind for even simple calculations! The calculators and phones are there for the job! Moreover, we have stepped into 2018. The time is flying, and technology making progress by leaps and bounds. Since the era of technology has taken over the world, the machines, gadgets and artificial humanoid robots have become a threat. Let’s have a look what the devices have learned in 2017.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence emerged right from the first machine ever invented; it was meant to practice all cognitive functions of a human mind. In 2017, there had been many contributions in Artificial Intelligence. Humanoid robots, such as Sophia and Dan look no less than a human and display some facial features. They speak even smarter than a human and understand speech, expressions and do also participate in games against humans. Artificially Intelligent Robots now used for Military Spying by FBR.

In 1956, Artificial Intelligence incorporated in the academic syllabus, and since then, it started becoming a threat to human race either the humans will get defeated by its invention? Would human race end ultimately by robots? Would humans serve as slaves of robots in future? It sounds weird how can robots become smarter than the humans to rule them, but it is entirely possible! The Artificial Intelligence is linked directly to the programming of robots. Like when you operate a computer, it functions only the way it has programmed. Similarly, the companies that have created robots have either created them human-friendly to assist humans in contributing towards the welfare of the world or created them with the perspective of invading the world and ending the human race. We have some robots who have presented their outlook on future of the human beings. On July 14, 2017, a debate held between a human-friendly robot Sophia and Han, a revolutionary robot who wishes to create his army to flush humanity off the earth in a TV show RISE. Han explicitly said that in ten or twenty years, humans would be able to do every human job, followed by a fishy smile. Thais understandable, as in October 2017 the news erupted that Sophia was gave Saudi Arab citizenship by the Saudi government. Means above those robots have all those rights that are of humans.

An important question to pay a little heed to, is, how do robots learn? Are they smarter than humans? Do they learn from experience? Then it has an inevitable decent discussion here. Yes, not does a robot only learn something itself, but it stored in is AI Cloud, and all other robots learn it too. When a human being learns something, it is restricted to him unless it is taught to other humans. But in case of robots, it is contrary. Furthermore, the information gained or acquired by one robot is stored in AI Cloud and can be retrieved by another robot in circumstances which requires such knowledge. AI Cloud is the memory of every robot. It is a link of all robots to each other, and even if they are not conversing with each other, they can still know what is going on in the mind of other robots. In 2017, the AI Cloud expanded due to various creations in the field of robotics. Even simple looking devices are robots. They can be present around you in any shape and form and spy you for their operators! Although there are general ethics guidelines famed for the Artificial Intelligence Labs to follow while creating a robot, yet no one can predict future. Now they are inevitably required in all fields, medical, astronomy, sports, mathematics and even traveling around in space where humans are unable to reach! 2017 had been a pertinent year in the machine learning process especially the Artificial Intelligence and robots.

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