What is the very first thing that you do when you wake up? Even though we are still half asleep and can’t open our eyes properly, we look for our cellphones. Some of us open our laptops to check our emails; some of us are interested in our Instagram likes and Facebook tags. It is humanly impossible to calculate the amount of time we spend using different forms of technology.


Yes, it is! We cannot deny the fact that technology continues to make our lives simpler ever day. But it has also added the touch of anxiety and stress to our lives. Everywhere you go, the sound of ringing and buzzing of phones follows you. We have forgotten about life without technology. It is a trap that you we can’t escape. Technology controls us in many ways, more than we can DevOps training. Let’s take a look at few:

  • Technology hijacks the adolescent brain.

An adolescent brain is a canvas. You can paint whatever you want, but the paint will become permanent after sometime. Just like that, technology hijacks the ability of a young brain to form a meaningful connection with its surroundings. Facetiming with family isn’t a problem, but the need for likes on social media might be more troublesome.

This need for immediate attention for young people may affect one’s identity by creating a false image of one self.

  • Technology increases anxiety.

Believe it or not, Social Anxiety Disorder is a real thing. About 20% of people with social media handles can’t spend more than three hours without trying them out. And if they don’t check their social media, they experience anxiety, and a strong fear of missing out (FOMO).

This kind of behavior strongly impacts your ability to enjoy your life. Not only that, it affects your relationships, job, and education because you prefer spending your time with DevOps courses.

  • Technology in Workplaces.

Not only is Technology controlling us, but it is also replacing us now. Chatbots and novel interactive robotic companions are growing, and AI researchers are incorporating human insights into robots, making them more human-like.

Companies and industries have started to prefer robots over humans. And we are losing our jobs because of technology

  • Technology is using us.

The technology that we thought we were using, for our feasibility, has actually been using us for a long time now. It is now trying to transform our social behavior into habits. The use of social media has become a way for standardizing interference and behavioral modification acceptability. “Helpful hacks” concerning various topics, consistent with our monitored user profiles, are forcing us to shop for products and services. The app told you that you ran 5 km today. The ad for joggers will arrive tomorrow.


Technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The contrary is happening. Technology continues to incorporate itself in our daily lives, and its about time that we took an action to save ourselves from it.

Writen by secure_admin