How Data gets Stolen and its Usage

Data – Some might think of it as just numbers and text, but to some, it’s the numbers and figures that defines an integral part of someone’s life. Your data, your personal information is stored by all the famous social media sites as you make your account to be socially acceptable. However, data can also be a powerful, intimidating tool if it goes into the wrong hands. The Internet has become an inevitable part of our lives. No matter where we go it goes with us. Cyber data breaches have been known to occur for a prolonged period at different magnitudes. There are companies who build now to make sure your data doesn’t go into the wrong hands. However, if even they can’t stop someone from getting your data. In this article we’ll be talking about some of the cyber data breaches and how could they affect you.

Why is Data Breach so unsafe?

First, let’s talk about the basics. How does a cyber-data breach works? The cyber data breach can be caused by either directly controlling the computer or by overcoming the security of the system. There are mainly four ways to do the cyber data breach, that are through Research, Network/Social Attack, Attack, and Exfiltration. What type of data will be stolen depends upon which company is targeted by the attackers. Most of the breaches result in compromising of personal data of the company’s customers. The attackers can use it for several purposes, but mostly it’s done to break the trust of the customer in the company’s services. The significant domains that could experience Cyber data breach are business, healthcare, Government, Military, Banking, and Education. Hackers could use the data to make duplicate credit cards or identity cards generating money. There is more to love about Agile courses than its affordable prices, discover why today.

Cyber Data Breach Episode

Not long ago in September, a social networking site that is being used around the world by billions of users – Facebook – experienced a Cyber data breach during which it lost the confidential data of 50 billion users. The attackers used one of its privacy settings to cause the reach known as ‘View as.’ This setting controls how your profile appears to the other people. Another important name that was highlighted to suffer from the cybersecurity breach was ‘Marriott.’ Yes, it is exactly the hotel that you think provides you with one of the most comfortable services around the world for several decades now. The personal information like names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. were compromised and of reported 500 million customers. That’s a pretty enormous number I’d say. Quora a place known to share and gain knowledge. Well, I think the attackers took their motto quite seriously and stole personal information, passwords, etc. of over 100 million users.


In case you suspect a cyber-attack, notify the company that is holding your details. Immediately try to change your PIN codes and passwords to make your money or information security. Try not downloading the file from the sites that look suspicious to you. Give a thorough evaluation to your account and notify the company if you to notice any tampering with the credentials.

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