CRM, also known as, Customer Relationship Management, is a software which is used for devising different strategies and schemes with the use of latest technology. CRM helps in managing and analyzing the relationship and interactions with the customers. The data given by the customers are used to analyze the likes and dislikes of the customers, and the central goal of running all of this is that it helps in having better customer service relationships. Along with that, it also helps in bringing the customers back to your business again and again, as in, retention of customers increases when the relationship with the customers improvises.

Customer Relationship Management Functionalities

The CRM tool comes with lots of different functionalities which help in gathering all the data of a customer in one place. The features function in different ways. From tracking the record of interactions that happen with the customers via email, social media, SMS, or any other source, to other functions which help in automation of the tasks such as calendars or alerts, etc.

Such functionalities allow the managers of the business to assess the performance of their team within the organization as well as will enable them to know the level of productivity happening within their group. Some of those functionalities which include are as follows:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Analytics
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Performance Management

These are only some of the functions offered by CRM mentioned here. There are a lot more others. However, for now, we will be discussing just these. What is beyond great is Oracle Database whereby it equips employees with best skills available out there.

1)    Marketing Automation

This function of CRM helps in devising strategies and plans in attracting the customers who might be interested in buying your products. With CRM, you can market your business or products more efficiently.

2)    Sales Analytics

By fetching the old data, users who are managing sales area can analyze the effect of previous sales campaigns, and by examining the old ones, they can create new drives in a better and efficient way.

3)    Email Marketing Integration

By directly integrating the email with your CRM, you can skip the task of importing stuff from outside of CRM and can only use your CRM for marketing via email.

4)    Contact Management

By having the contacts of your customers organized in one place, you can make your marketing more effective and less tedious. So, whenever you’d have to launch new products, you can simply use this feature of the CRM and can send it to your all contacts.

5)    Sales Performance Management

This feature will allow you to keep an eye on the performance of your sales. When all the data of your business is in one place, then it will become more comfortable for you to detect where the execution needs to be improved and which areas need your attention more to make your sales more effective.


All in all, CRM can be beneficial for anyone’s business. The functionalities, the features, and a lot of more other things that this software offers can be helpful in the marketing of the market in the right direction. Also, it can help double the growth of the sales by channeling the team’s efforts in the right direction to the right customers by implementing the right strategies. Moreover, all of this is possible just because of one simple CRM.

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