Development of Internet

Today we cannot imagine our work without using the internet. The Internet has transformed the computer world and communication would like nothing before. If we talk about the inventor of the web, then the internet has no single inventor. It has evolved. The Internet is specially used to communicate and share data with one another, but today we can use internet for almost everything. We can say today we cannot imagine our life without internet. The initial concept of the internet originated in many computer science labs in the United States. The Internet is the invention of many scientists, programmers, and engineers who developed many new technologies and features. The Internet is a vast network, and it has a medium of collaboration and interaction between different computers.

There is an immediate increase in the number of computers connected to the internet, and it also increases the number of computer internet users. Today almost one-third of the world’s 6.9 billion people use the internet regularly. In 1957, Soviet Union launched the first human-made satellite. That satellite as known as Sputnik. The idea of the internet given before the Cold War. After the Sputnik’s launch, Americans think seriously about new technologies.

The Birth of the ARPANET

After the meeting of scientists and many military experts, they proposed the solution of the problem a galactic network” of computers that can talk to one another. In 1965, a scientist developed the way of sending information from one computer to another which he named packet switching. We can define packet switching as the break down of data into packets and block before sending the data to its destination. In 1971, the scientist Ray Tomlinson sent the first email by himself over the same network using different machines. The first shooter game developed in 1974. Then, Telenet launched, and it provides new pay-for-access internet available to the public.

The World Wide Web

In 1980, many scientists and researchers sent files and data from one computer to another. In 1991, the concept of the internet changed again. Many computer programmers introduced World Wide Web. World Wide Web define an internet that not only send information from one place to another, but it also transfers web information anywhere. Berner-Lee developed the internet that we have associated today. After some years, Web used for commercial purposes, and after this, many companies used to start internet to start their business and sell goods directly to customers. Today, the most popular way to stay connected with the world is social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram. A new communication protocol established in 1983 called Transfer Control Protocol or Internetwork Protocol. This protocol allows different computers to talk to each other. Universal language can connect all the networks. There are various networks in computer internet. The earliest computers were connected directly to the terminals. Typically, in the same building. Wide Area Network is a type of systems in which different computers are connected far apart from having a radius of more than 1 or 2 km.

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