Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

Our responsibility is to ensure safety and protection of your privacy. To bring better information to you about your safety concerns, we will let you know all the information that is collected by us using cookies when you or someone used our website. Information gathered through cookies by us would be sole to improve the user experience.

2. About Cookies

Cookies are small fragments or files that allow a website to track and recognize users. The ICO groups form three overlapping groups:

Persistent cookies:

Persistent cookies are persistent on the user’s device between sessions to help several websites remember details about the visitor. Marketers use these cookies to advertise or to make each visit easier for the user by remembering their password and username.

Session cookies:

The cookies that allow a site to link during a single browser session to the actions of a visitor to another webpage. Webmail services and internet bank use these. While you will be paying credit for your purchase, session cookies will ensure a smooth transfer of online internet banking. It is, however, to acknowledge that these cookies are not stored for long-term basis and are discarded once the user leaves that webpage because session cookies are considered ‘less privacy intrusive’ than persistent cookies. One of such example is the major Oracle technology.

First and Third-party cookies

A cookie is classed as being first-party in the event, the visited site sets that. It may be utilized to consider how individuals explore a site and to enhance the visitors’ experience.

It is classed as third-party cookie only when another server issues that to that of the visited domain. It could be utilized to trigger a banner advert given the visitor’s survey propensities.

3. How we use cookies

The sole purpose of using cookies is to enhance each visit of all users to our website for better and smooth future visits by retaining information that may help in the kind regard. Third party cookies are not used on our site. If you do not want us to maintain your information, you will be given a dialogue box at the top or bottom of your browser. There, you will be asked to either accept the permissible use of cookies or deny to all the cookies. This is, however, being notified to you when cookies will send to the operator. Some web pages may not browse, or services may not function without allowing the use of cookies.

4. Essential cookies

Technical cookies that we require for the operation of our website. Essential cookies are necessary, and without them, a site may not browse or function properly. Essential cookies may include cookies that enable you to log in to secure areas.

5. Performance cookies

The operator uses these cookies to keep the count of visitors to their website and to keep an eye on how visitors move around the site, for example, how much they scroll down and for how long they stay on a webpage. This enables us to improve our material and content on the website. Performance cookies are aggregated that is why we are unable to identify any user via performance cookies.

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