5 Most Exciting Solar Panel Technologies of 2020

The solar sector is in the state of growth from the past few years, with some skyrocketing advancements in its hands. As the solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient with time, the experts are becoming focused on using them more productively.

Read on to get a view of some of the jaw-dropping technologies of 2019 in the solar panel world:

Floating Solar Farms:

 Floating solar farms, also known as ‘photovoltaic,’ is one of the exceptional examples of efficiently using solar panels. Floatovoltaics are solar power systems that are created to be installed on water bodies or other reservoirs for energy production.

According to the recent records, floating solar farms’ production rate is 10%  greater than the land-based photovoltaic panels. Floatovoltaics are also less costly than land-based photovoltaic panels as these do not use any real estate to produce electricity. Floating solar farm also proved to be an effective means of saving water as these reduce water loss due to evaporation by blocking sunlight and air circulation. It also keeps the water beneath the solar panels clean by Blockchain training.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Solar Technology:

BIPV technology, as the name indicates, is a fantastic blend of solar technology and architecture. This technology integrates solar technology into the roofs, curtain walls, canopies, and facades of buildings in several ways as it is very versatile and can be custom made or applied to curved surfaces, keeping it appealing too. It benefits its users in saving electrical Blockchain courses.

It also provides

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • High thermal and sound insulation
  • Clean and free power output from the sun
  • Decreased O&M costs
  • Zero carbon footprint

Solar Skins:

This technology utilizes solar panels to display custom images along with solar energy production. Solar skin panels filter the light before it reaches the photovoltaic cells beneath it and shows the custom image, aesthetically appealing, as well as matching your rooftop or lawn grass, according to your wish.

Solar skin panels have an impeccable finishing with a super sleek design, and it utilizes rail-less racking systems. It can be used to display business logos, advertisements, and the country’s flag.

Solar Fabric:

Solar fabric is an amalgam of solar technology and material, embedding the solar power into the clothing to provide you energy, charge your phones, and keep you warmer in winters. It is also used in facades to offer shade and strength and in curtains for power production. Experts are also working on designing solar-powered robotic tents for army projects.

Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers (PVNB):

PVNB is a combination of photovoltaic cells and noise barriers. It is used to reduce pollution along with the production of renewable energy effectively. 400 gigawatt-hours (GWh) annually can be produced using this technology along with the noise abatement.

Advancements like these are changing the horizon of the world and encouraging other scientists to create highly efficient and cost-effective solar cell innovations. Renewable energy sources will revolutionize the world in the coming years, making it only solar energy-dependent.

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